a little bit about Kevin and Maritza

After meeting in 2007, their brief dating turned into marriage shortly after, then transformed into a blended bunch of fun. Having been parenting together three boys, along with parenting a child with level 3 autism, epilepsy and an Intellecutal disability they’ve gained experience in marriage, parenting and parenting special needs children. Now, they’ve been presenting autism parent events!!

Kevin grew up in Ritchfield, suburb of Cleveland Ohio (home of their famous first kiss) and holds a degree in Business/Education.

Growing up in Lorain, Ohio, Maritza holds degrees in Psychology, Biblical Counseling and Natural Health. 

Maritza previously worked in healthcare and is a biblical counselor, helping with Family Care ministry.  She is a part of an amazing group of certified coaches for the 48 days community.

Together, Kevin and Maritza have recorded numerous podcasts to mentor parents that have children with autism and comic filled videos on YouTube. They currently live in Elyria, Ohio. They have three sons: Julian, Jaiden and Sebastian. Kevin and Maritza founded Strategies2Cope Ministries in 2012.

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